Roberta Knapik started taking photographs in her teens. In high school, she took a black & white photo class and fell in love with B&W photography and working in the darkroom. College, work and other interests displaced photography over time. After years focusing on work and other hobbies, she received a Canon Rebel from her future husband and her love affair with photography was rekindled. Since then, Roberta has taken more B&W darkroom classes. To further develop her skills and vision, she has joined the Jacksonville Camera Club and Professional Photographers Society of North Florida (PPSNF).

Today, Robbie does both B&W and color photography. She still uses Canon equipment and has gone completely digital, but won't give up her film cameras. She remembers saying she'd "never go digital" and ate those words, so she's holding onto the film cameras... just in case.

Robbie also believes in using her talent to give back to the community. She created photographs of food subjects for the CSX Technology cookbook and has donated artwork for the last 3 CSX American HeartWalk fundraisers. She has given presentations to the Jacksonville Camera Club and a Jacksonville 4H Chapter and has judged 4H and FCCJ photography competitions.

Robbie has exhibited her work at galleries and other venues in Jacksonville, FL. She has won awards in several juried art shows and has an award winning photograph on permanent display in FCCJ's Kent Campus Student Center.

Artist’s Statement:

I believe that the real challenge of photography is being able to create images that capture how I feel about what I see so that others can share my view of the world. My latest work - my photographs of Italy - are an example of this. I found Italy to be a magical place. I hope my photographs convey a bit of that.